Monday, November 14, 2016

Liked on YouTube: Corporate Drumming: Team Building Activities & Events

Corporate Drumming: Team Building Activities & Events

http://www.UnleashYourGroove.Com If you or your company are looking for a new and innovative way to encourage employees, build morale or break the ice at events, you have found the perfect solution. Research points to the idea that humor and movement release endorphins, the body's natural relaxationand feel good chemicals in the brain. My innovative and original drumming concepts have won the hearts of several companies, and the list of new clients continues to grow. Drums are one of the original tools for communication, and breaking those communication barriers can be difficult. As the team slowly begins to let go of preconceived notions and feelings with the drums, the synergy increases. What started as another corporate team building activity becomes a dynamic of interaction that quickly spills over into joy. Increasing productivity and company focus is the goal of any of the myriad of corporate team building events, but most of the original ideas are fast becoming trite and stale. The varied activities that drums provide mean no two team building activities are ever the same. Each time the group comes together with my drums and corporate drumming, all participants learn something new about drumming, the company and themselves. There is much more to learn about my drums and how they can help you or your company. Watch the video and leave me a comment! Thanks for visiting my YouTube page. * Follow Mike Veny on Twitter - @MikeVeny * Find Mike Veny on Facebook - http://www.Facebook.Com/MikeVeny P.S., Please take a moment to check out my article in Corporate Wellness Activities. It's titled The 3B's of Wellness Activities and goes into the formula I use to effectively facilitate corporate drumming events. Drumming aside, the concepts in this article can be applied to anything. Here is a link to the article:
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